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Maternity care

You’re a few weeks pregnant, and it’s time to look into maternity care services. How do you go about finding a maternity nurse you feel comfortable around? Kraamzorg Het Groene Kruis takes care of that, so you can enjoy a hassle-free postnatal period.

What does a maternity nurse do?

Let’s start at the beginning. What does a maternity nurse do, and why do you need one? A maternity nurse’s support actually begins during labour, when she assists the midwife or GP. During the first few days after the birth, she will help you with daily tasks and teach you and your partner how to look after the baby (or babies) independently.

Interested in how one of our maternity nurses can help you? Please get in touch. You can also register now.

We also have useful maternity call instructions for after the birth that tell you what is normal and when you need to take action. These call instructions are also available in English

Maternity care: developmental care

At Kraamzorg Het Groene Kruis, we provide developmental care. This means the care provided by our maternity nurses is tailored precisely to your baby’s physical signals. By doing this, we aim to soften the transition from the womb to life outside of the womb. There are several signs that show us whether your baby is comfortable. After all, your little one can’t tell us that!

Personal contribution for maternity care

You’re probably thinking: there must be costs involved. And that’s true, but fortunately these are covered by health insurers in the Netherlands. Kraamzorg Het Groene Kruis has contracts with all health insurers, so you can always use our services.

As this kind of care is covered by basic insurance policies, a statutory personal contribution applies. This only applies to care provided after childbirth.

Maternity care

Maternity care: number of hours

In consultation with you and your GP or midwife, your maternity nurse will decide how many hours of maternity care you need. There is a national protocol for this, based on three different stages. Additional hours are only provided under special circumstances, such as a caesarean section and complications during labour.

Baby Checklist

Both for the maternity nurse and yourself, it’s good to already have everything you need for when the baby arrives, well in advance of your due date. As there’s a lot happening around that time, we’ve put together a useful Baby Checklist for you, also in English. The checklist tells you exactly what you need during the first week after your baby is born. It’s free to download.

Our maternity nurses

Nice, right? Somebody with experience who is there to support and help you before, during and after the birth? Kraamzorg Het Groene Kruis is a household name within the Dutch provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe… and there’s a good reason for that. Thanks to our good connections with health insurers, you can always turn to us for support. We also work closely with midwives and we have our own Borstvoeding Expertisecentrum [‘Breastfeeding Expertise Centre’].

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