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Personal contribution for maternity care

In the Netherlands, maternity care is covered by basic health insurance – regardless of the health insurer you are with. You can choose your own maternity care organisation. However, there is always a statutory personal contribution per hour of maternity care. This article explains how that works and how much you have to pay.

How much is the personal contribution for maternity care?

The cost of a maternity nurse will be covered by your basic health insurance. Under the basic insurance policy, a statutory personal contribution (own risk) per hour of maternity care provided applies. This personal contribution only applies to care provided after childbirth. You can also take out additional insurance so that your personal contribution is reimbursed. A summary of health insurance policies that reimburse the personal contribution for maternity care through supplementary insurance is available at zorgwijzer.nl.

Contract with all health insurers

Kraamzorg Het Groene Kruis has contracts with all health insurers, so you can always use our services. We will be happy to find a suitable maternity nurse for you. When you register with us, we make sure that all the arrangements are in place with your health insurer. That means you don’t need to do anything in order to be reimbursed.

Register for maternity care

Maternity care: number of hours

Before you deliver your baby, your maternity nurse will discuss with your midwife or GP how many hours of maternity care you will need during your postnatal period. Additional hours may be added in the event of special circumstances.

Personal contribution maternity care

Rates for additional hours

If you need more maternity care outside of the set hours and not due to special circumstances, you can buy extra hours of maternity care. You will pay for these hours yourself as they are not reimbursed by your health insurer. You can arrange this before the birth if you wish, but even after your baby is born, all you need to do is call us to buy the extra hours. The rate for this is €60.00 per hour.

More information about the personal contribution for maternity care

Please contact us to buy extra hours with Kraamzorg Het Groene Kruis or for more information on the personal contribution for maternity care. To find out about your policy conditions, we advise you to contact your health insurer.

Atermes/digital file
Our maternity nurses register all data on how labour is progressing, how the postnatal period is going, check-ups, temperature data, daily reports, etc. online in your personal maternity file. The client portal gives you 24/7 access to all this data on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Once you have registered for our maternity care, you will have direct access to your online file. You will be able to see which information we have and add and change information where necessary.

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