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Breastfeeding Expertise Centre

Plan to breastfeed your baby? Kraamzorg Het Groene Kruis is the place to be. Our Borstvoeding Expertisecentrum [‘Breastfeeding Expertise Centre’], offers lactation counselling during and after the postnatal period. The Borstvoeding Expertisecentrum is here to help everyone – not just Kraamzorg Het Groene Kruis clients.

You can even turn to our Breastfeeding Coaches and Lactation Consultants for advice during pregnancy. You can also contact the Borstvoeding Expertisecentrum for a one-off appointment, to buy and hire pumps and to buy other breastfeeding aids.

Besides supporting breastfeeding women and expectant mothers who want to breastfeed, we train healthcare providers at the Borstvoeding Expertisecentrum.

Telephone appointments
Our Customer Service team, Breastfeeding Coaches and Lactation Experts are here to help you seven days a week. We are available by telephone every day from 8.30am to 5pm. You can call the Borstvoeding Expertisecentrum on +31(0) 50 366 64 26 or send an email to lactatiekundige@kraamzorghetgroenekruis.nl.

Did you know?

‘You can rent and buy pumps and buy breastfeeding aids from us’
‘You can request an individual appointment at our branch or at home’
‘We organise breastfeeding information evenings at several locations’

Breastfeeding Expertise Centre

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